Stone is in danger of becoming saturated by development and Westbridge Park tops the list in the Stafford Borough Plan which states ‘MIXED USE DEVELOPMENT ON WESTBRIDGE PARK’. An online E petition and a written petition in Stone shops and businesses have the weight of numbers to sway planners and Stafford borough councillors against development on Westbridge Park.

Westbridge Park is the town’s village green and provides an open air meeting place for local people of all ages; it’s where our annual festivals are held, crucial to the local economy. We can prevent the town’s largest and most widely used grassed open space from being swallowed up for development by protesting to Stafford Borough Council against the development of the park.

When developers make huge offerings to hard-up councils as part of the planning process, they will ignore the wishes of the people most likely affected by so called progress! This is why we have to make it clear we do not want development on Westbridge Park .We are one voice, the message is




Join us at Alleyenes High School Tuesday November 20th at 7pm to hear what your council is saying. 


Keep Westbridge Park Green                    

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